Friday, September 16, 2011


Hello and Happy Friday, My Lovelies!!!

I wanted to share some wonderful, affordable goodies with you that I recently received from my super sisters because they seem to love me oh so much! ;) Each are perfect for you fashion lovers out there and they aren't for you to wear or for your closet, as you might think, but for your kitchen, yes, kitchen!

First up, when my younger sister came out to LA LA Land to visit me this summer, she brought me the most adorable, fashionista, high heel ice cubes, Fred's Tipsy Toes, to match my kitchen as a hostess gift and I am simply in love with them! ♥

You can use them as ice cubes or to accessorize a fun glass, as I did with my chetah print margarita glasses from my marvelous mother, but either way how FUN for a girl's night or simply for entertainment purposes!

Fred's Tipsy Toes Ice Cubes

Then, a few weeks later I get a little package in the mail from older sister and when I opened it up I believe I let out a high pitched "eeeeek" in excitement and overall, "oh my goodness, this is adorable!" kind of happiness when seeing a fashion doll for a kitchen brush!!! :)

It is made by Boston Warehouse, which also makes it in different colors (red, blue and black) along with a variety of different stands and brush faces to give her different looks and outfits, which is super fun!

Boston Warehouse Fashion Doll Kitchen Brush

Do my sisters know me or what?!? I am such a lucky gal to have them on either side of the sandwich known as myself, since I'm in the middle...hehe...and they are the perfect additions to my kitchen! The best part is they make me think of them, smile and even giggle a little every time I use them! :)

I hope you all have a lovely weekend ahead! I'll be at ACL aka Austin City Limits Music Festival all weekend, which should be super fun and a wee bit hot being in the upper 90's, but I plan to keep the sunscreen flowing to be sure I don't burn to a crisp! ;)


  1. ahhh i loove the little kitchen doll..sooo cute!

  2. omg! these are too cute! I wish they sold those here. I'm throwing my mom a surprise birthday party and the theme is Sex and The City and these would be perfect!

  3. That is so funny. I've seen the dish dolls before but never the high heel ice things. Cute. (I always wanted a sister.)

  4. Oh my they are such beautiful gifts! So stylish. I think they would make lovely housewarming presents too. I will have to keep them in mind :)

  5. omg, high heel ice cubes??? thats so cute!

  6. Those Tipsy Toes are so cute! What a perfect housewarming or hostess gift, I'm going to have to track some down to give as gifts :)

  7. ahahahahh cool stuffs :D So funny!!

  8. Those are too adorable! I'm obsessed with the cheetah glasses!! xoxo

  9. These are si cute! Not sure i´d bear using and then ruining them!


  10. All of those items are so YOU Liesl!!

  11. this are sooo cute i love it!!!!....

  12. Oh my! How adorable!!! Love those ice cube high heels :) What sweet sisters!


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