Monday, September 12, 2011


Happy Monday, my Fashionable Friends!

First off, thank you so much for the sweet comments and messages I received yesterday about 9-11...they each mean more than you know!

On a happier note, as promised, I had the chance to attend my lovely friend Ginette's "Oh Lordy, I'm 40" birthday celebration at Rockwell in Hollywood on Saturday, which is a super trendy and oh so fun restaurant, bar and lounge.

It was a truly wonderful night with some great people, and I am so glad I was able to be there for such a milestone in her life...and boy, did she look as fabulous as ever!!! Forty seriously is the new thirty! :)

Here is the Look of the Day that I sported that night along with some pictures from our celebration over some divine deserts including s'mores and chocolate raspberry cupcakes and the most decadent dark chocolate bakery cake with salted carmel icing that our friend Kimberly had made for her!

She had a private area for just her party, which was very nice, and it was outside on the upstairs patio area surrounded by lovely trees and candlelight glow! I really had a wonderful time and ended up staying until 1AM meeting new people, chatting with old friends and just enjoying the night!

I put together my outfit from various items in my closet, some I've had for years, and other that were new, like my skirt from Forever 21, but the entire look is just over $90, which is the best part!

Oh and I curled my hair for the night, but for those of you who have stick straight hair, like I do, you will understand how annoying it can be to see it stick straight again just hours later! Oh me, oh my! LOL!


Black Tank Top
Nordstrom Rack - $5.99

Black Shrug Sweater
Marshall's - $7.99

Magenta & Purple Print Skirt
Forever 21 - $19.80

Black Steve Madden Strappy Pumps
Marshall's - $24.99

Black Clutch
NY & Co. - $12.99 (sale)

Silver Bangles
Forever 21 - $4.80
(wearing 5 of set of 20)

Silver Sparkle Dome Ring
Charlotte Russe - $4.00

Silver Sparkle & Black Necklace
Target - $9.99

Total Look = $90.25

I hope each of you enjoyed your weekend, and made it through the 10th anniversary and remembrance of September 11th stronger than ever!

I'll be back on Wednesday for a wedding inspiration post before I head to Austin to visit my Unexpected Love and fiancé, which I'm super excited about! :)


  1. Very cute, love the skirt!!! Looks like fun :)

    Bout the modeling thing...Voting starts TODAY at 5PM Dallas time, NY 6PM...L.A 3PM! You can vote as many times as you like the more the better! More info posted :)

    xo Emma

  2. Another wonderful outfit! I always love your outfits and the fact that you find such great deals! I feel you on the straight hair. Mine has no body what-so-ever!!

  3. You look so cute. I esp like the shoes. Love the straps. The desserts look so yummy. I'm glad you had a good time.

  4. Those Steve Madden pumps are to die for!

  5. The skirt is to die for!! You and your friends look lovely and glamorous. Happy to hear the celebration was so fabulous :)

  6. You look sooo gorgeous -- love your outfit and especially your hair!!! It's beautiful :) <3

  7. What a great affordable look...I think the best part of the look is how happy you look. :-)

  8. What an incredible look as always girlie! That skirt is my favorite!

  9. Woow i love your floral skirt!;) you look lovely.Woow i love your floral skirt!;) you look lovely.

  10. wow this skirt is sooo lovely, and your smile is amazing :DD

  11. You are so darn cute!! I love this outfit! Have you ever tried moroccan oil on your hair? I buy the $6 bottle at Walmart. I use on the ends to help tame my frizzes, but I have a friend who swears it keeps the curl in her hair!

  12. Can't beat the price tag of 90 bucks, lol, you look great! Can I have some cake?


  13. Hi pretty, thank you so much for voting!!!

    xo Emma

  14. Wow! You look great! Love those shoes, Liesl!

  15. You looked so cute! :) Love those shoes... I never wear heels anymore. :( Maybe I should make all the girls dress up for a night on the town!!!

  16. Love your skirt. The spider web design at the back of the shoe is cute.


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