Monday, October 10, 2011


Happy Columbus Day and Monday, Blogland!

I thought it was about time for another Look 4 Less that many of you have been requesting, and so I am here with a casual, cute look worn by AnnaLynne McCord to the Noon By Noon Fashion Event this year in LA.

Who: AnnaLynne McCord
Where: Noon By Noon LA Fashion Event

I pulled items that were very similar and was able to re-create the look for just over $100 from head to toe! She sported a camel colored belt and black pump, which I normally wouldn't pair together since I tend to say match the belt to the shoes, but it works with this look on her.

What I like most about it is the feminine, flowing top paired with a pair of long, lean floor length jeans, which is the key to making you look thinner and taller! This is also why I think the black works with the outfit because it helps to blend into the dark denim to almost make them disappear keeping the look clean and long!

Price: $26.90
Buy: Alloy

Price: $10.80

Price: $32.50

Price: $10.80
Buy: KC Mode

Price: $19.50

The look is very wearable and comfy, but perhaps not warm enough for many of you this season, despite being warm in certain areas, like CA and TX, even though it is Fall.

So, I added some transitional fashions that you can layer onto this look to bring it into the cooler temperatures and warm the look up by simply adding a scarf and blazer!

Price: $7.50

Mossimo Blazer
Price: $29.99
Buy: Target

I hope this offers an affordable fall option for a wider range of temperatures no matter where you find yourself, but keep the suggestions coming my way!

Have a great start to the week, and I'll be back on Wednesday with more wedding chit chat, as usual, but stay tuned for a guest post and some features on other lovely blogs out there very soon as well!


  1. Thank you for your kind comments. Your blog is very pretty especially the wedding photos. I love all things wedding and romantic :)

  2. I really love how you recreated this outfit! It is so beautiful and sweet.

  3. Love the look! That top and those pants go wonderfully together, and it totally looks like those legs are super super SUPER long! :)

  4. I need to start going to Forever 21 for jeans!! What an amazing price!
    And that pink scarf is now at the top of my wish/need list ;)

  5. Love the necklace and heels, so need them:-) Great job yet again my dear! Hope you have a great week!!!

  6. i love her jeans so im so happy you did a look for less!!!!

    and you might be coming over to norway at some point?!?! how freaking cool :) i hope it is true!

  7. Love the look 4 less and your blog!!! Thanks for stopping by and CONGRATS on your upcoming wedding!! : )

  8. Liesl,
    I love the look. I love that you added in some transitional ideas for warmer weather. And I think you're right about the black shoes blending in and making the line look longer. It really does make all the difference.

  9. What a great look to copy!! Love her trouser jeans especially! xox

  10. wow, love the recreation of the outfit!!! annalyne is so gorgeous (and teeny tiny!)

  11. wonderful pictures, dear! thanks for your comments- it means so much for me. your blog is really great- you have a new follower. hope you visit my blog again and become a new follower too :) if you can't see my google member box, please press F5. thanks so much.
    wish you a wonderful day.
    maren anita


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