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Happy Monday, Blogland!

I have been wanting a chandelier in my bedroom for some time now, and after deciding to make the move to NYC and start my new job venture and journey in life, I knew I wanted one for a statement piece in my new bedroom.

That said, chandeliers are expensive in general, but while shopping around, I quickly discovered that the Capiz Shell ones are little off the wall in price! Ranging from $286.20 at Walmart to $469.99 at Target on the low end, with both being rather small, all the way up to $1,462.50 at Light Trends on the high end! YIKES!!!

So, I did a little search for DIY chandeliers and came across this lovely post over at Design*Sponge, and decided I was going to give it a whirl and try making one of my very own! However, since I'm more of a square shaped girl, than circle, I attempt making it with that small change.

I'm pretty excited about how it turned out, and can't wait to hang it in my new place, hence the temporary spot in my apt. until I drive it cross-country next month!

Below is how I made my 14" square capiz shell chandelier, step by step, for under $15! Yay!!! :)

Get hanging planter and all items needed ready.

I was lucky to find my square planter, just like I wanted, at Marshall's for just $9.99!

Spray paint hanging planter a gold or silver color to blend with capiz shell color, if needed.

This step is optional, and I chose to use my leftover Krylon spray paint in satin carmel that I got at Michael's and used in my Vintage Paris Box DIY post.
Cut 1/4" wide cream ribbon into 15" strips to fully go around the top tier of the planter.
I used the Offray brand ribbon found at Michael's craft store for a $.75 per roll using ribbon coupon and needed 4 rolls.

Take each 15" strip of ribbon and wrap about 1" of it around the top tier of the planter and hot clue it together with one dot of glue.

Press together to seal each and every ribbon strand right after you place the glue on it, since it will dry quickly, and continue until the entire tier is complete.

I used 14 strips of ribbon on each of the 4 sides, totaling 56 strips along the entire top tier.
Top tier of planter completed with ribbon attached on all four sides.
Cut wax paper into 18" sheets.

I used the Reynolds brand wax paper that I got at the Dollar Store and only ended up using one roll, though I purchased two, to make 45 of these 18" cut sheets for my chandelier.

Take 3 sheets of the 18" wax paper at a time and place them on top of each other, then, place them in between 2 spare towels and iron until they melt together forming 1 thinker one.

When done the 45 individual 18" sheets of wax paper created 15 thinker ironed together sheets.
Note: I found that doing a sweep of the iron on top of the wax paper directly, without a towel on top, sealed them together better to finish off each.

Take a circle cutter, mine is the Fiskar's brand at Michael's, and if you don't have one use this 40% off coupon, set it to a 2" diameter, and start cutting circles out of the thicker, ironed together wax paper sheets to create faux capiz sells or disks.

Place the circle cutter as close to each cut out circle as you can to get the most out of each sheet. This does get tedious, but put on your favorite tunes or a TV show you enjoy and just keep going! :) I placed them into a cupcake tin as I went to keep them together and organized.
Now it is time to measure and cut the lower tier of ribbon, but this time to a length of 11" each.

I used 8 strips of ribbon on each of the 4 sides making a total of 32 all the way around, and attached them the same way as I did the top tier.

Glue the 2" wax paper circles, which are now our capiz shells, to the ribbon using 1 dot of hot glue at the top of each disk. Be sure to start at the bottom, overlapping each shell about 1/4" inch or so, and work your way up to the top!

I used 6 shells total on each ribbon strand along the bottom tier and 8 shells total on each strand along the top tier and repeated all the way around.
Completed faux Capiz shell Chandelier completed.
I'm sure some of you were wondering how long it took me, so, I logged all my hours over the course of 2 days. Then, added it up, which totaled approximately 10 hours of working time from start to finish.
A look at my capiz shell chandelier in the daytime.
Another look at it with a light on inside for a nice, soft glow during the day.

If you are like I am at the moment, and don't have a pre-wired light fixture, which I'm not sure I will have one in NYC either, I came up with a solution so that you can still enjoy a feminine and fun chandelier without any wiring! Yay!
Attach one side of the fastener tape to the bottom of one of the push on lights and then, attach the other side of fastener tape to the back of the other light in the same spot.

This way, when you place the lights together on either side of the inside of the hanging planter, on top of each other back to back, they will stick together and snap in place creating one light shining up and down.
If your light is too high to push on or off, as most ceiling lights would be, don't worry! They sell a similar light with a remote control on/off switch as well as pull string battery light bulbs, so, you will still be good to go!

Hopefully this was a fun and helpful DIY for you! Let me know if you have tried this DIY yourself and how it turned out! Good luck if you try making one of your own, and...
I'm off to a goodbye dinner my friend Ginette is hosting at her new place for me and Amber, since we are both moving away, one to NYC and one to Nashville! All the other Citizen Danes Friday night movie girls will be there too, and I am really looking forward to it...she's even making a signature cocktail to along with everything, and I can't wait! :)

See you again on Wednesday with a picture filled post! Woo Hoo!!!


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  2. What a fabulous DIY! Something like this would look so fab in my cute little place. By the way darling, you must give us a tour of the new place once it is all settled ;)

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  4. way to go girl!! that is way awesommmme!

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  14. look at you! that lamp is very chic - LOVE it! guess i'll be adding yet another DIY to my never-ending list of projects.

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    Valentina de Pertis

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