Friday, July 27, 2012


Happy Friday, Fashionable Friends!

Just a quick post, since I have been in and out of town! The lovely April, over at The Beholder of Beauty, recently awarded me with a Versatile Blogger Award, which was so sweet! Thank you, April! :)

I have been fortunate to get this lovely honor in the past from fellow bloggers, so, I will try to make my facts different from those, which you can see here and here, if interested.

You may have noticed that, I always include one random picture, as seen below, to showcase about me.

Here we go...


• Thank the Blogger who nominated you.

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• Give 7 random facts about yourself.

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On the set of "A Good Funeral," a movie set in the 70's, with the genuine, kind and talented Jordan Bridges.


1. I was named after Liesl from The Sound of Music, which is also fitting since I am half German and half Swedish.

2. I eat pretty much the same thing for breakfast every morning, except if I'm not at home or on vacation.

3. Julia Roberts once approached me on set, and complimented me on my bracelet.

4. After being contacted by a police officer, I discovered that someone was impersonating me on, using all my pictures and information, even talking to guys on the phone she was going to meet, and telling them she was Liesl Ehardt...why me, I'll never understand.

5. I once had dinner with Katie Holmes while on the set of Dawson's Creek.

6. My 4th grade teacher, Mr. Tarantiles, who is one of my favorite teachers to this day, taught me to juggle, using erasers, during recess one day at school.

7. I love evening thunder and lightning storms so much...and we had quite the doozy last night, one of the loudest and closest ever, just wish it had lasted longer!


Sheila from The Failte House

Courtney from From Here to Eternity

Feel free to join in, even if you weren't tagged, and let me know...I love learning more about each of you!

Have a great weekend ahead, I'll be here, there and everywhere, but have a post of quotes set for tomorrow!


  1. Your random facts are things that are so randomly awesome!...I'm sorry your identity got stolen on match! Crazy but maybe a lil flattering? And Julia Roberts has been a childhood favorite, so if she like my bracelet I'd be ecstatic (espesh bc i make my own!)

    Aesthetic Lounge

    1. Randomly awesome is exactly what I go for...hehe...thank you so much, Mimi! I just now realized that you are in New York as well, we might have to do a little meet up! :)

  2. Loving your random facts and this adorable photo! You have had some amazing experiences :)

    1. That it was, Cathy, and Jordan was wonderful! :)

  3. Liesl, you're like the coolest girl ever! :) I loved all your facts, as usual... Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank YOU for awarding me with such a lovely blog award! :)

  4. Congrats on the award! Loved the facts about you!

  5. Can you still juggle? (I don't know if it's something you never forget. hehehe)

  6. Oh my goodness! The internet can be such a scary world full of theft! How on earth did that woman even get your info? And how did the police know that you were the real Liesl? So crazy!
    I always love when you post these fun facts about yourself! I just adore you :)
    And thank you for tagging me!! Love ya!

  7. You ate lunch with Katie? Wonder what she would be saying now! I love learning more! Such fun facts and such a fun life you have! xo

  8. Oh my lord!!! I cannot even try to explain HOW flattered I am!!!! =D I started reading your post and was supper happy that you got the award, because you are hands down one of my favorite bloggers, and when I go check who'm you've tagged I see my name and I literally started squeaking of excitement! =D THANK YOU!!! This was like the best surprise ever =D

    I loved all your facts, as usual and find the picture really cute (really like that color on you!)!!!

    Once again, thank you so so much!!


  9. I wanted to say thanks to you for this great read!!

  10. Ok, I am dying to know more about your past acting experiences!

  11. stunning,love it,love it…the fashion is just so awesome,love the images…love your blog xo

  12. Thank you for nominating me! Seventeen weeks later!

    Girl, the girl/stalker.. I dislike that on so many levels.


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