Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Happy Tuesday, Everyone!

Just wanted to take a quick moment to reflect.  

On this very day, September 11th, in 2001, I was living in NYC for the very first time.  Having made my move just 10 days prior to the events that changed the city forever.

Eleven years later, I find myself in NYC on September 11th, once again, on what happens to be a Tuesday, just as it was that fateful morning in 2001, which I will never forget.  

To this day, I miss the skyline that had been such a part of my life over the years growing up.  Seeing it on our way in and out of the city, be it for a dinner, an exhibit, Broadway show, my acting and musical theatre classes on the weekends, shopping, taking friends and family to see landmarks or simply to wander around.

Though I hate to admit it, there was a time when I took the well recognized skyline for granted. Figuring it would always be there, and kind of shrugging it off when my mother would always say, each and every time we were leaving the city, "please take a moment and look at that beautiful skyline."

Needless to say, I'm so thankful that she did make us stop what we were doing and take it all in, even through our sometimes moody, non-interested teenage years.  It is a sight I fell lucky to have gotten to see, many, many times.

To each of you who lost someone during those tragic events, I am thinking of you today, and sending some extra hugs your way.

Though the mood is always a little somber for me on this day, each year, I feel so lucky to be back in the city that has held a part of my heart for years, and to have been able to experience the old and new versions of this electric city, which holds a strength like no other.

NYC has once again welcomed me, and not let me down for a moment.  So, this time around, I hope not to let it down, by trying to make the most of all it has to offer, as well as each and every moment and day.

There is so much possibility, inspiration and energy to be discovered around each and every corner, and I'm looking forward to all that is ahead!  Including time this week with a dear friend who is town visiting.

SIDE NOTE: My past 9-11 reflection posts can be seen here and here.


  1. I was fortunate to see that skyline about a month before 9/11.
    I will never forget that day of horror.

  2. hey! great post! maybe u'd like to visit my new blog and follow me...that would be so nice!
    xx Alina

  3. I think that picture is one of the most amazing pictures to make us remember and reflect. Thank you for sharing, Liesl.

  4. Amazing post! I remember being home that day (I was 13) and seeing this on TV and being just so scared because my Dad was shipped to NY as soon as that happened (he's military) and I was terrified something would happen to him =X I remember I didn't understand and it was horrible...I just knew a lot of people were dead, many wounded and I wanted to help..but of course, I was 13 and in Portugal!

    I find this post really amazing and inspirational, people should never forget things like this, just like I feel specially Europeans should never forget the Second World War! It's not only a part of history, but also a reminder!!


  5. What a beautiful tribute.

    I love that city.

    What a moment in everyone's lives.


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