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Happy Monday, Lovelies!

Saturday, August 17th, was my birthday, but I'm not really one to tell people it is my birthday, and I definitely don't make a week or month of it, like some.  That said, my friend Jenny always insists on putting together a little gathering, which is very sweet of her!

This year, we did a low-key evening at a wine bar called Lelabar, in one of my favorite areas of NYC, the village, followed by a new spot called The Winslow.  I suggested we not do dinner and just meet for a couple drinks because I didn't want people to have to spend a lot of money or any if they didn't want to.

I'll admit, I'm flattered when I get carded or people think I'm younger than I am.  Like in NYC where everyone seem to always think I'm 24, which I credit to my parents and what must be good genes, but as of last night, one would need to add a decade to that number!  Oh my! ;) 

Let's just say when a number of guys asked me what birthday I was celebrating, their reactions and comments were priceless when it was a much higher number than anticipated.  

Here are a couple classic things they said to me, and yes, these are exact quotes purely for your entertainment...

GUY 1:

"Oh nooo, we all thought you were 23, maaaybe 24!"

GUY 2:

"Oh.  Congratulations, I guess?"

GUY 3:

"Ooooh, ooo-kay."
( he slowly backed away with that deer in headlights gaze! LOL!)

"...Wait!  Do you have kids?!?"
(...because I suppose they assume everyone my age does.)

My Response:

"No, but I love them!"

His Response:

"Oh good...that you don't have them, because that would be such a burden...but you are at that age."
( he walks away.  Good to know he thinks that about kids.  Next!)

GUY 4:

"I guess you're pretty sexy for your mid-30's"
(...ummm, thank you?  For real this time, next!  Please.)

OK, enough of that, hope it gave you a giggle! :)  

Thanks guys, I realize you think I'm too old, and have now discovered a definite downside to looking younger than you are. Especially, when most men prefer younger ladies and I enjoy them to be in my decade...le sigh.  

That said, I didn't take offense at all, was super nice to them, and just laughed it off...before heading back to my nursing home, of course! ;)

Let's move onto the picture show of this post, shall we...
Ta-da, I'm as ready, in what my friend labeled my "popsicle dress" that night,
which I found quite fitting, to head out for a low-key evening with friends to celebrate!

Vince Camuto Maxi Dress: TJ Maxx 'Off The Runway' Section - $69.99
One pre-birthday 'Sweet Liberty Smash' cocktail at Henry Public in Brooklyn Heights,
the day prior, that felt like a big kid snow cone! :)
Some Happy Hour wine and cheese at Lelabar in the village to start our evening.
My lovely friends: Rekha, Morgan, Melody, Moi, Jenny, Beth & Jocelyn
Loved the ceiling and how they hung the glasses and wine bottles above the center bar!
Washington Square Park Arch looking beautiful on our gorgeous evening walk!
After some wine, we headed to The Winslow, which just opened and is owned by someone we is such a great, new spot if you find yourself in the area with fantastic food and service!
Trying a peach flavored beer, which tasted like a refreshing sweet sparkling peach juice, yum!
My Fabulous Friends surprised that's a candle!!! :)
Perfect picture caption from one of my favorite movies all via my younger sister:
"Flames, flames on the side of my face, heaving, breathing..."
All smiles after making a new wish when blowing out a birthday candle for the first time in years!
Thank you to all my friends and family who thought of me and send me something special! 
I LOVE all my cards, which have always been my favorite part, and they now take over
my desk/work area and make me smile! :)

(Images taken on various phone cameras and some via my Instagram.)


  1. Happy belated birthday! It looks like you had a wonderful celebration!

    1. Thank you so, so much, friends and family always seem to make it special for me! :)

  2. Looks like it was great fun!!!!!!!!!! happy belated! (:

  3. Happy Birthday! :)

    I love a low key birthday - it looks like yours was great. And that candle...that thing looks dangerous (and I love every second of it)

    Those guys are idiots!

  4. Happy belated birthday!! Glad you had a wonderful time! xx

  5. What a fun, lovely birthday! :) You look amazing! I will be turning 30 in January and I think the 30's are great! It is all in what you make of it, right?

    PS. (I think it just goes to show how hard it is to find a good guy lol those guys were jerks!)

  6. Aw, looks like you had such an awesome birthday!! Guys are so weird, aren't they?? I say that looking younger is never a bad thing though :)

  7. I love your friends birthday tradition. It's small things like that that make birthdays that extra special. Happy birthday and I really hope you had an amazing day, and I raise my wine glass to an amazing year to come for you.

  8. happy belated birthday love! you seriously don't look one day over 24 :D


  9. Happy belated birthday darling!!
    You totally had a blast as I see!!!
    Hugs and kisses

  10. Happy birthday! It looks like it was fabulous! xo

  11. Happy Belated birthday! Hahah ohhh men they say the dumbest things...haha. Recently I got carded and the bartender was like wow you are old...hmmm you are right sometimes looking young can bring insulting moments...but then again..I love looking young!


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