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Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

OK, so, as many of you know, Wednesdays are all about "whatever," hence Whatever Wednesdays, and a different top, on just about anything, is created by someone each week, sent out on Monday and we write and post about it on Wednesday.

This week, the topic gave me a bit of that "Oh, my" feeling with a side of anxiety, not going to lie.  It kind of, sort of, really troubled me, but you know what?  I truly enjoy being a part of these link-ups, and I say, let's go for it, and I went ALL out...even looking up obituaries to figure out what you put in them!

Plus, it is a fun way to get to look back on your life and realize all you have done, but also be reminded me that life is short, so, I had best get to doing all the other things I hope to as well...since I lucky that this was only a mock obituary!

Are you ready?  I'm not sure I am, but this week's topic is to write...

  M Y   O B I T U A R Y

Liesl Kyle Ehardt, a SAG-AFTRA actor, best known for her role as Leslie on "American Dreams" (NBC), Lindsay on "Eve" (UPN) and small, but often re-played Emmy-Award winning episode and TV show "Monk" (USA), though her favorite role was always being an Aunt to her three nephews, died today.

Acting was in her blood, literally.  She was a distant cousin of Zita Johann, an established screen and stage actor from the 1930's who starred in "The Mummy" opposite Boris Karloff and on Broadway opposite Clark Gable.  She bared such a striking resemblance to her cousin, especially in her large, dark, almond eyes, that their relation was unquestionable. 

It was in Zita Johann's large almond eyes and profile that you could see her relation to Liesl Ehardt. 


Liesl revisited Zita's role in "The Mummy" playing Zita as Helen Grosvenor in "Kreating Karloff."  This was always an honor for her since she respected Zita as an actor and felt they held so much in common. Including views on Hollywood and a love for children, especially, working with those who have special needs and were underprivileged.  In 2011, she wrote the Afterward in Zita Johann's autobiography, Guest Parking.

Liesl Ehardt playing Zita Johan as Helen Grosvenor in "Kreating Karloff."

Aside from being an actor, she was a blogger.  Starting  Fabulous Fashions 4 Sensible Style (a life, design and style blog) in 2009, where "'Kindness is always fashionable' and free!" was her very fitting motto. 

In addition, she was a graphic/layout/web designer, nanny, music promotor and lover of all things creative.  Enjoyed singing, crafting, photography, affordable fashion, children, rainbows, buffalo and sending cards covered in stickers.  

Born in Norwalk, CT, on August 17, 1979, to what she always referred to as "extraordinary parents."  Her mother, former Pan Am Stewardess and teacher at the renowned Berlitz School in Paris, and father, retired President of Exxon (Al Khalij) in the Middle East, instilled good manners, education, respect towards everyone and the belief that she could do anything she set her mind to.  

They always supported her dreams and goals, while never comparing her to anyone else, which gave her a very loving and stable foundation.  She always said, "If everyone could have the parents and upbringing that I had, the world would be a much better place."

Early on, she found herself traveling to many exciting places, some of which others only dream.  By the age of 8, she was fortunate to have traveled around the world twice, visited 6 of the 7 continents and 49 of the 50 states. While having resided in England, the U.A.E. and United States, where she took  Arabic and French in school and was exposed to different customs and cultures at a very young age.

Though she considered being an elementary eduction teacher, since children always related to her so well, she obtained a BFA in Acting degree instead, from the University of NC at Greensboro, and participated in NC School of the Arts summer program in Filmaking.

When done with school, she moved to NYC before heading cross-country to LA LA Land, her term for Los Angeles, where she spent almost a decade of her life pursuing acting.  

Liesl Ehardt on set and along side actor Jordan Bridges on the feature film "A Good Funeral."

After securing co and guest-staring roles on popular TV shows, recurring roles on soap operas and  parts in feature films, commercials and video games, and testing out hosting in a network development pilot "Clean Your Room," she moved back to NYC, a place she much preferred over LA. 

Since a very young age, she was always aware that she had been dealt a very lucky hand in the game of life, which she never took for granted and felt very fortunate to have.  This was why "paying it forward," was so important to her.  

She always tried to make time for people, even strangers, felt kindness, humor and patience were some of the most important qualities to possess, and believed so strongly in the power of a smile.  In fact, it was the one thing she said she "could never live without!"

"Sometimes those who deserve your kindness and patience the least are the ones who need it the most" was something she always said and stood by.  Actively trying to stay positive and see the best in everyone and every situation that crossed her path, sometimes to a fault, and even when that wasn't easy.

Since she was little, and after a family trip to Kenya, she always hoped to one day volunteer in Africa helping children.  So much so, that while growing up, until she could make it happen, she chose to sponsor a young girl from South Africa by sending her allowance and writing letters to to her each month through a special foundation.

She had a passion for teaching and working with children, and her lifelong dream was to open, and be an active part of, her very own children's charity foundation, and hoped that being an actor might give her the platform she needed to do so.  

Liesl Ehardt mentoring students and kids, which was always a true passion of hers.

However, her years in Hollywood left her unfulfilled, and  feeling as though it wasn't doing anything to benefit others, being mostly a surface, superficial and sometimes selfish industry, that she took a break from it all, moving acting to the back burner.

While seeking a new direction, and trying to gain back what a bit of what she lost while in LA, she stayed true to an element of her dream, and began volunteering at an arts foundation in the Bronx, Queens, Harlem and Brooklyn.  This is where she got to put her creative background to better use through a mentor program with abused and underprivileged children who in turn inspired her.  

She would want to be remembered not by what she did and accomplished in life, but rather by her smile and what she did to try and make other's lives just a little easier and brighter.  

Everything she did was in hopes of making even the smallest bit of difference in someone's life and the world.  Ultimately, putting a smile on someone else's face is what put a smile on hers. 


  1. well that was lovely. you have had quite an amazing life there, chica. love! ps glad you're still with us :)

  2. I'm pretty sure that my obituary wouldn't be that exciting! I learned a whole mess about you today. Love it and glad this wasn't real!!! (:

  3. "Sometimes those who deserve your kindness and patience the least are the ones who need it the most"

    what a thing to be remembered for living by.

  4. I cant even read this (even though I am sure its fabulous) the thought of it makes me too sad...seriously next topic!!

  5. Its such a fulfilled life but I am more glad, you are here and can keep on putting smiles on our faces!

  6. This makes me love you even more! What a perfect way to learn more about you! You have been blessed with an amazing life! And the traveling, cultures and education you've experiences is unbelievable! But the thing I've picked up from stalking your social media (ha!) is how sweet, caring and giving you are! Such an inspiration, Liesl!!

  7. obituary ever. And your life...well it is what you make it..and you are doing just that...fabulous work...we need more people like you in the world!

  8. You're my favorite thing ever. It's funny, how much you probably know about me, but I know so little about you, and I feel all warm and comforted in knowing you a bit more. Granted I'm coming to NYC in the Fall and have every intention of wrapping my arms around you!

  9. Beautiful! You are blessed! I really enjoyed reading. Love your motto! ;)

  10. You have lived such an amazing life so far!! And I'm sure there is so much more that awaits you :)


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