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Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

It is time for another installment of Whatever Wednesdays with Shay and Alissa, this week's topic is TV related, and we need to name our 5 favorite TV shows, some of which I realize a few of my readers were too young to have probably seen! ;)

Truth be told, I am not a big TV watcher, which I realize seems odd to many since I was an actor for years, but with so many channels and shows, and so much going on in life, it is hard to keep up with it.  

Actually, since moving to NYC I opted not to get a TV or pay for cable, I watch and can view everything I want online via my laptop, so, there really isn't a need to have a TV, and since doing so, I strangely watch more TV than I did before! :)

  5   F A V O R I T E   T V   S H O W S

(In order of their TV airing dates.)


1. My So-Called Life

(ABC 1994-1995)

Not only did this show get taken off the air before being given a chance, I was one of the many who wrote ABC trying to save it, but it took place in high school, while I was in high school, and so, the experiences were relevant to me.

Fun Side Trivia: This is also when I wanted to be Claire Danesand temporarily died my hair red, with wash out hair color, like her character Angela on the show.  I was also "in love" with Jordan Catalono, like every other teenage girl at that time.  Today, I am friends with Senta Moses who played Delia Fisher on the show, and yes, she is aware of my love for this show! :)

2. Everwood

(WB 2002-2006)


This may take the cake as my all time favorite show, but it is tough to say for sure.  I just thought the stories were so real, true to life and the acting was fantastic all around! 

3. The Bachelor / The Bachelorette

(ABC 2002 - Present)

I've watched faithfully since Season 1, back in 2002 with Alex Michael, and never missed an episode.  Maybe it's my endless hope that everyone who wants to finds love...don't judge! Haha! ;)  

4. Girls

(HBO 2012 - Present)

This show keeps things real, like a more relatable "Sex and the City," and is creative, raw and inventive. 

5. House of Cards

(Netflix 2013- Present)

Wasn't sure if I would like this, since I've never been that into Kevin Spacey, but it is very well done, inventive and keeps you hanging on at the end of each episode, so, I love that they allow the viewer to watch the whole season in one sitting if they wish by releasing all the episodes at once.

•   •   •   CORRECTION:   •   •   •

So, reading other's posts on this, I realized I completely forgot "Dawson's Creek," and that would definitely win over "House of Cards," but alas I forgot it, and I was once on it!  Whoops!!! :)


  1. I used to love My So-Called Life, Rayanne was my favourite. I haven't seen any of the other shows you listed but I've heard could things about House of Cards and its on my list of things to watch.

  2. Inspiring!♥ XOXO

  3. I LOVED My So Called Life! I hated how the show was canceled because I seriously wanted to know what happened! UGH! They left it as a cliffhanger! Argh!

    Girls is awesome. I can't wait for the new season. Do you know when that comes out??

  4. I have wanted to watch Girls and have yet to, I need to get on that.

  5. everwood! OMG.. Isn't it funny how you can complexly forget hours and hours of your life?


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