Saturday, August 24, 2013


Happy Saturday, Everyone!

I got back super late last night from helping a great friend move into her new, beautiful home, and although it was a whirlwind and I may be a bit tired with sore muscles, I had a fantastic time helping her and the little ones, and simple sharing that time with them, a true highlight for me this month!

Continuing to look on the bright side of things and smile, as I do daily in life, but it has been a bit of a rough month, so, I thought I would share a video of inspiration this week, in the form of little quotes via a lyric video...all we have to do is remember to simply stand! :)

My friends are a constant source fun and adventure, I really am so lucky in that department, and my family is the most incredible source of love and support a girl could ask for, I am incredibly thankful to have them!

I want to sincerely say, "Thank you" to each of them...for me personally, they are the ones who keep me standing through the ups and downs in life! 

"Stand" by Britt Nicole 
...Thank you, Terrific Tara, for introducing me to her.

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