Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Happy Tuesday, Everyone!

The whirlwind that is my life continues, and I am currently in DC, en route to Philadelphia tomorrow.  I hope you are all enjoying your week so far!

Since opening my blog, on a whim back in 2009, it feels as though I have gotten to know so many great people through it, but rarely do we actually meet, or get to know them, outside of blogland.

However, on Friday, I got to meet some of the bloggers behind the blogs that I've been reading at a blogger meet up we coordinated in New York City and it was so much fun! 

I want to thank Whitney (The Middle of the Street), Alissa (Graceless Lady) and Shay (A Girl. A Story. A Blog) for our adventure together, even if it involved Keanu Reeves, instead of our preferred Ryan Gosling! ;)

You are each such kind and wonderful people, and it was so nice to meet each of you in personand add a little life to the lovely ladies I have gotten to know from behind my computer.

It was through Whatever Wednesdays that I got to know Whitney and Alissa a bit better each week, and their blogs truly represent who they are and all the fun that follows each from Utah and Albany, NY!

As for Super Shay, as I refer to her, I've known her through our blogs a bit longer, but am still now sure how it is that I first stumbled upon all the wonder and glory behind the girl, story and blog, but am so thankful that I did!  She knows how to make you laugh and is full of a life and sarcasm that shines, in person and through her blog.

Till next time, ladies, thank you for the laughs and memories...I look forward to keeping up through your words and pictures! :)
NYC Blogger meet-up on November 1, 2013 - Whitney, Moi, Shay and Alissa


  1. I'm still curious if it was actually Keanu or not - we'll never know! Or we'll find out as soon as the pictures show up in US Weekly or Star Magazine...

    It was great meeting you, and we'll definitely have to get together again!

    1. I agree, Alissa, we must get together again soon...perhaps I'll need to check out Albany! :)

      As for Keanu, I believe it was, but US Weekly will definitely tell us the answers we need! ;) We should all meet up again and see the movie for a good laugh together! :)

  2. Liesl- we had so much fun with you!

    freaking Keanu Reeves...

    1. Keanu Reeves will forever take on a new meaning for me...hehe! ;)

  3. Aaaahh! I've already told Shay how jealous I am! Hopefully 2014 will be the year that we meet! (Eric and I are hoping to go to Boston, of course we will be planning the trip around baseball. I know, you LOVE the Red Sox ;)) and we will be making a day trip to NYC!

  4. I am not sarcastic.

    Clearly you're just making stuff up.


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