Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

I feel very fortunate to have traveled and lived around the world growing up, and for years I wanted to document those places to remember down the road.

After visiting a couple friends' apartments in NYC, I saw they had National Geographic Travel Maps marked with map pins to track the places they had been or hoped to travel to one day.  

I knew I had to have one, but quickly realized they are on the pricey side, starting at $169. Oh my! 

So, since I try to do most things affordably, I decided to make the same map myself.  I was able to make one for $35 by shopping around online and in-stores taking advantage of sales and coupons.  

This project can be customized using any color frame, tacks, map you wish, and only takes about 10 minutes.  Happy Crafting! :)
(Project and all images by Liesl Ehardt.)

- In addition to a couple basics like glue/spray adhesive & scissors. 

 National Geographic World Map
(I got mine on sale for $6.49 on Amazon)

Poster Sized (24" x 36") Cork Board
(I got mine for $10.49 on Amazon)

Poster Sized (24" x 36") Frame
(I got mine on clearance for $12.99 at Michael's.)
- You can also use this 40% Off Coupon in-store or online for Michael's)

1/8" Map Tacks
(I got gold ones on sale via Amazon for $4.99/box of 100.)
- Similar Gold Tacks HERE) 
Total Price (including pins) = $35

update: using spray adhesive, rather than a glue stick,

holds more evenly over time.

- You will discard the glass, but be careful, the sides of it will be sharp.

- This step is optional and you can type out (in any font/color you wish) what you want your map to say, or simply leave it as is.

- Feel free to use any color(s) tacks you wish, even marking where you have been in a different color than the places you have lived and/or wish to visit/live. 

- Simply add new pins as you continue your world travels and adventures.


  1. Devious is my middle name - but not reallyMay 2, 2014 at 12:09 AM

    Truly great, my only question is what if people keep moving the pins...say like a younger sister?!

  2. Such a clever idea Liesl! I like yours any day over the store high end priced ones. Great job girl. Have a fabulous weekend. XO

  3. Such a great idea! Yours turned out perfect!

  4. I love this idea. So clever and beautiful. Well done, lovely. xoxo

  5. I know this post was from a few years ago, but do you know what thickness the cork board is that you used? I'm debating between 1/4in or 1/8in...and not sure if the larger thickness would fit in a frame. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by, Marissa, and I love that you are going to try this project! :)

      I used 1/4 inch, and it fits fine. The one I purchased is here:

      Also, I have one tip after having mine for a couple of years. I would use a thin layer of spray adhesive on the back of the map to adhere to the cork instead of the glue stick to get a more even and secure hold on the map to the cork board once all the pins go in and you have it hanging.

      Good luck, and I'd love to see it when it is done! Yay! :)

  6. Just realized I meant to ask between 1/4in and 1/2in!

    1. 1/4" will work just fine. Happy Crafting! :)


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