Friday, May 9, 2014


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This thought might make you sad or make you smile, maybe even give you mixed-feelings and leave you feeling somewhat bitter-sweet.  

Either way, I continue to find myself in awe of all that can happen or change in 1 short year.  A notion that becomes more apparent to me with age. With certain dates reminding me of this even more and seeing life as a true enigma.

Each new day is a fresh start, but with a fresh start, some things, people, circumstances, locations, jobs, etc. may no longer exist within it.  

For instance...

A stranger can become a special person in your life.  Suddenly bring you happiness, natural highs, teach you things and fill you with hope in one set of moments, and in the next, they can suddenly no longer be a part of it, sometimes for no reason.  While someone who was once close to you can become a stranger. 

A new, exciting place to call home can quickly become a place you are saying goodbye to before you can even fathom where the time went, and the place you will next call home can become uncertain.

A career path that once seemed as clear as a bright, blue sky, can appear to vanish from sight as it evolves and changes from what you once thought it might, or could, be.  Leaving you feeling lost and without direction.

Ultimately, life continues to teach us, through the good and the bad.  Sometimes we are friends with it, while at others we are not.  The one thing that is for certain is that nothing is for certain, and you will never be able to make everyone happy, sometimes not even yourself.  

We must live each day as fully as we can.  Take opportunities the moment they appear.  Never stay in something, or with someone, longer than we know in our hearts it is true or feels right. Remember we can't change the past, so, we must look forward to the future.

Plans usually won't go as planned.  People will come into and go out of our lives.  Jobs will come, go and even change course.  We will migrate from place to place, staying in some longer than we expected and leaving others far sooner than planned.  Some things will make sense, while others might never.  

This is life.

It is simply part of the adventure, and each of our journeys' on it will be different.  Life can change on a dime, and no one knows what the next 365 days may bring into, or take out of, it.

All we can do is go where it takes us and try to keep the belief in our hearts that it will all unfold just as it needs to, when it needs to.

In the end, it is all a part of our individual story.  A story I will continue to smile my way thorough. :)

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