Friday, February 26, 2016


Happy Friday, Bogland!

While moving a large potted plant indoors, I was suddenly struck with a 'Get Crafty' idea...

Why not turn it into a decorative mirror tray? 

Suddenly, this easy, useful and super affordable DIY project was born, and I wanted to share it with you. The entire project can be done for $10, possibly less by getting things on sale or using coupons.  

The best part is you can customize this to fit any size tray you wish, be it an 8", 10", 16", 24" etc.  Just be sure to get the correct measurements for your planter saucer and round mirror, which I detail below, and you'll be all set.  

Also, because I'm using a plastic planter saucer, made for heavy potted plants, it is very sturdy and durable.  Unlike a simple plastic silver tray from somewhere like Party City or the Dollar store.  Though great for a party or one time use, they crack easily over time once weight is added.

See the below for what you need and how to put it together, and without further ado, let's get started!

Rust-oleum Metallic Silver Spray Paint
Home Depot = $3.75*

*(you can also get it at Michaels
and use their 40% off coupon to save more.)

12" Pre-Cut Round Mirror
JoAnn's = $3.25*

*(you can also get them on Amazon.)

14" Plastic Planter Saucer
Home Depot = $2.50*

*(you can get them at Walmart, Home Depot, Amazon or any gardening store,
but you can buy a similar one online here for under $2.)
Lay down old cardboard in a garage or out on the lawn before spray painting.
Spray even coat of Metallic Silver Spray Paint to cover the front and sides of saucer.
Once dry, flip the saucer over and place it on top of something* to elevate it
and make even coverage on all sides easier.

*(I used a Clorox wipes container, but have used a spray paint can in the past)
This step is not necessary, but to prevent natural 'wear and tear,' and give the tray an overall shiny finish and seal, you can spray a clear top coat over the entire tray before placing the circle mirror in the center. 

Just be sure it is made for plastic, as many are for metal, wood and glass.
I used the above Paint for Plastic Clear Gloss by Rust-oleum and it worked beautifully.
Champagne Bubble Coupes: ACME = $58/per set of 4 (a gift)  /  Martini Shaker: Target = $12.99

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