Friday, July 15, 2016


Happy Friday, Everyone!

Before I get into my Travel Diary post . . . 

I just wanted to say that having been in France for Bastille Day years ago, and at the very spot of the recent attacks, the news really hit home. My heart simply can't take any more of these senseless acts, and I fear I no longer recognize the world in which we live. 

Please know that I feel for everyone who is suffering a loss due to any of the attacks and devastation we've all sadly had to endure. My only hope is for more love, comparison and kindness. 😔

Day 1 of my road trip began in the garden state of New Jersey and ended in the buckeye state of Ohio with an overnight in Toledo.  Below are pictures from along the way to enjoy as I head out on day 2.  

I'll continue posting here throughout my entire journey and daily on my Instagram.  Thank you all for such kind comments and your continued support during this adventure that is life. 
A road trip tradition, breakfast stop at McDonalds for an Egg McMuffin, hash brown and orange juice.
Friendly bear cub greets you at the Snow Shoe, PA off I-80 rest stop.
Found myself a divine wine infused salame and cheese plate at the Falls Creek, PA Sheetz gas station off I-80 . . . I just needed a glass of vino to go with it! ;)
Enjoying a refreshing margarita on the rocks and dinner at La Fiesta in Maumee, OH, near Toledo.

ALL of the above images by Liesl Ehardt unless otherwise noted.


  1. Hi Liesl, hello from Borneo. I always love road trip especially long journey. Wish you all the best! xo

    1. Hello, Edith! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for such a sweet comment! :) I'm on the road again to South Dakota now and will keep my daily travel diary going here. I hope you have a Wonderful Weekend ahead! <3

  2. Your trip is looking quite yummy so d ar!

    1. You are right, AJ, it's been quite to South Dakota today! :)


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