Saturday, July 30, 2016


Happy Saturday, Everyone!

Our next stop on the cross-country road trip was Douglas, Wyoming.  A place with which I was unfamiliar, but is the home of the Wyoming State Fair and "jackalope," a mythical animal that is said to be first seen by a resident farmer in Douglas in 1939, a fun fact I learned while briefly in town.

They also had a small, but great, train depot mini museum in their Locomotive Park with real steam engine, cargo and passenger trains from years ago. The coal steam train was the coolest, reminded me of Thomas the Tank Engine.  It was such a beautiful day that it made for some pretty pictures, too. Plus, my dad and nephews love trains, so, it was fun to stop and be able to share pictures.

We headed to The Depot, a local American restaurant and coffee shop for dinner. Our waitress, Heidi, was adorable and so kind and hospitable. I had one of their signature dishes, the grilled chicken wrap, and went with the homemade, beer battered onion rings, so yummy! It's a fun, local spot and stayed busy and full of friendly faces.  I think would make a great breakfast or happy hour spot with a good selection of wines and beers, on tap and in the bottle, for a great price!

Truth be told, we detoured through parts of Wyoming in search for buffalo. That is their state animal, and some of you may know that buffalo, or bison, also happen to be my favorite animal.

I've had a fascination with, and love for, them since I was little. One of my Ladder List items was to get pictures of and near the giant ones. They tend to be far out in the distance, or smaller ones, when I've seen them in the past. Unfortunately, we didn't have any luck, they once again must have heard I was on my way and ran far, far away! ;)
I might as well kiss the Jackalope...may never see one again! ;)

ALL of the above images by Liesl Ehardt unless otherwise noted.


  1. Awww, sorry you didn't get to see any buffalo. It's always the way isn't it, when you want to see something so badly too. Next time, it gives you another excuse to return! ;o)


    1. Thank you, Sonia! I finally got to see some buffalo in Utah at Antelope Island, which I'll have a full blog post about. So, if you are ever near there, you should check it out, you have a 100% chance of seeing them, it's just how close they are that is unpredictable. I agree, this means I need to visit Wyoming again for sure! :)

  2. Yummy!!!

  3. I missed this one originally, glad I saw it now (except for that final good pic cause now I'm hungry)!


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