Tuesday, August 2, 2016


After a brief time in Wyoming, we were off to visit Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I'd been there before when family friends lived in a beautiful home they had built up on the hill. While driving through, we went to see their home again just for fun. 

The drive had many beautiful areas, and even though we went from sunshine and blue skies to rain, it was still so nice, and cleared back up by late afternoon.

Not too far outside Steamboat Springs is a very tiny town called Craig in Colorado. We stopped into Gino's Neighborhood Pizzeria & Grill for dinner, sat outside and had the best time enjoying yummy food and endless laughs with our super fun waitress, Mary. 

She even learned how to mix a martini since they don't have them on the menu, but did their best to accommodate my mother who wanted one.  The manager even said he may order martini glasses to start carrying them in the future, love it!

Mary also shared part of her life with us and has overcome a lot in her life and has a story to tell, which I look forward to reading. Most important, she's learned from her lows, always fought for what's right and continues to persevere, stay upbeat and full of personality, without missing a beat, through all life throws her way.  

All further proof that you have to keep swimming!  OK, onto the pictures! :)
Tall, pretty trees driving through Colorado on the way to Aspen.
On the road again, loving the windy, scenic ones.
Trees through the rain.
Quick stop in Steamboat Springs.
Visiting our family friend's old home that they built up on the mountain looking over
the picturesque scenes of Steamboat Springs below.
Steamboat Springs, CO
Posing with Mary, our oh so fun waitress, at Gino's where we had dinner in Craig, CO.
Mary knows how to pour a great glass of wine, and Gino's has the big glasses,
none of these little thimble wine glasses! ;)
Cheers to Mary and a great big glass of wine at Gino's!
My Cabernet pared perfectly with my 'make your own' pizza, delish!

ALL of the above images by Liesl Ehardt unless otherwise noted.


  1. Gino what? That was a great blog, thanks for taking us along in your adventures!

    1. Thank you so much, love your screen handle, too! 😊

  2. You ladies are so beautiful!!

    1. You, Adeola, leave the greatest comments! Thank you so much!!! <3


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