Saturday, November 6, 2010


This past Sunday a couple friends and I met up at House Cafe on Beverly Blvd. in Los Angeles to have brunch, and we had a laid back and oh so lovely time!

There is something about brunching, as I say, that can be so much fun! Anywho, I thought I would do another popular Look of the Day to show you the simple outfit I wore...

Total look of the day price breakdown.

Black Tote - $29.99

Grey Cowl-neck Tunic
Target - $24.99

Pewter Dome Ring
Charlotte Russe - $4.00

Mossimo Charcoal Boots
Target = $24.99

Black Leggings
Target - $6.00

Total Look = $93.77

Pewter dome ring closer up.

Tunic and Tote.

Mossimo Charcoal Boots from Target closer up.

Black tote from Alloy.

Moi ready for a yummy and relaxing brunch with friends.

My wearable silver grey smokey-eye make-up look.

Pure silliness!

If you have the chance to stop by House Cafe, I think you will enjoy it, but be warned it is a little on the pricey side, and they do not offer refills on the sodas, which are way over priced and tiny.

Aside from that, the food was yummy, the atmosphere is cute and the wait staff is super friendly, which made for a calming brunch experience! Plus, they offer free matches, notepads and pencils too!

Do you have any fun brunch outings or spots you would like to share?

If so, leave them in the comments below because I love to learn about new places to try in different areas! :) Have a lovely rest of the weekend...I'm off to co-host my friend's 30th Birthday celebration tonight in Hollywood!

Side Note: I'll start trying to take my Look of the Day pictures in different locations to spice it up a bit!


  1. I almost got those boots - I love them and the tunic! xoxoxo

  2. Gorgeous outfit and make-up, Liesl! Grey is definitely your colour, love that shade on you!! What a fabulous outfit and for an equally fabulous price!! :) <3

  3. Such a cute look! I love when great outfits look expensive but are actually affordable! I'll have to check out that place for brunch next time I'm in L.A.!

  4. Cute cute outfit!! You can't beat that price! I love brunch. It just sounds so fun! We have a few little spots that we like. One is called Toast in downtown Charleston. It is off the beaten path and has a fantastic she crab soup! Yummy!

  5. Really cute outfit!! Especially the tunic :)

  6. i like ur blog, it's interesting :D

    i follow you xoxo

  7. Fabulous blog :DD

    very nice, i follow u :D

  8. Adorable!! I love the boots. Very fashion forward & now! =) Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Great outfit,
    I like the ring soo much!!
    Thanks for prices and stores, unfortunatly in my country we dont have most of these!

  10. love the tunic and that ring...Target rocks!

  11. I adore your tunic and that bag is fantastic:) Wish you a lovely week
    Kisses, my dear

  12. you look so cute, as usual liesl!

    looooove that ring sweet heart.

  13. cute outfit! you look fab! i love that ring!!
    xx. alyssa

  14. I have those boots and I LOVE them! Except they are hard to get on some days haha :) I just moved to a place where it snows ALL winter long (I've never lived in snow) so it was fun for me to find cute, inexpensive boots since I need a few pairs :) Love your blog!

  15. I love this outfit! Especially since gray is my favorite color! I think I might start doing outfits on my blog. You give me the inspiration! :) Have a great day. And you know you look like Katherine Heigl right?

  16. Great post! Loving your outfit...especially your boots! xoxo


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